Boca Grande Club

Policies & Reservations


Sign-Up Policy
Please sign up for clinics and round robins in the Pro Shop or email
Cancellation Policy
We ask that players cancel any scheduled lesson or clinic by 4:00 pm the day before for a full refund. If players cancel after 4:00 pm the day before their scheduled lesson or clinic, players will be charged the full rate. Players who have signed in, but who either cancel at the last minute or do not show up will be charged the full fee, so please email if you need to cancel.
Guest Policy
Please check-in all guests before walking out to your court. Guests are welcome for a $10 fee charged to the Member. Guests are welcome to play clinic and round robins, but Members must accompany their guests to the tennis courts each time they play. Houseguests may play an unlimited amount of times, but guests who are not staying with their hosting Member may play only three times per season.
Please contact the Pro Shop for more information.
Court Reservations

All Club Members, including Homeowners and Social Members, may reserve courts 3 days in advance. Rental Guests and Registered Homeowner Guests may reserve courts 2 days in advance. If you are 15 minutes late to your court and someone is waiting for an open court, we will need to give your court away. If you do not show up for your court and have not cancelled, you will be charged a $10 no-show fee. Please call if you will be late or need to cancel your reservation. Please have all players’ names to make your court reservation, and check-in at the Pro Shop before walking out to your court.